Personal Item

It’s been a fretful ten months. Here’s how I’ve been spending them: 1) sitting on my ass indoors almost every damn day at my job, 2) attending yoga classes (see #1), 3) road tripping to FL, southern IL, & MN, 4) reading with abandon, 5) growing more flowers and fewer vegetables, 6) getting used to life with Jim & the Lonesome felines in 909’s #EmptyNext, and 7) managing my feelings each time one of our offspring appears -> disappears as they go about the business of being dynamic, brainy, motivated young people who are far cooler and more together than I ever was when I was 25/19. [They are truly magnificent beings, and I adore them.]

So! I’ve bored myself quite thoroughly with how dull and… ugh, just so dull I’ve allowed myself to become. I gingerly pick my way through middle age, brought up short by current events as though I’m not whacking the news moles as fast as I can. Seriously? “Gingerly”? “Picking my way”?  Ugh. The current mood in the US feels damned dark, and I admit I’ve been stupid and clumsy with it. The past ten months have not included much writing or creative work, and it bothers me to realize I was shocked into submission, rather than energized to kick some dark times’ ass.

Was. “Was shocked into submission”. I’ve been dormant. Dormant, not defunct.

Hope yr still along for the ride.