Bowl Season


I think it must have been when my brother was a young teenager – so sometime back in the late 1980s – that I first heard the phrase “Jethro Bowl”. FROM MY MOTHER, YOU GUYS. Marc (my brother), like boys that age since the beginning of time, was given to eating large amounts of cereal. His preferred bowl-fare was very sugary and extremely tasty and my mother refused to buy it, so what did he do? He went right out and got himself a job hauling newspapers and heaving the golf bags of rich dudes all over a golf course so he could buy his own damn cereal and nobody could say a damn word about it. Anyway, I’m not saying she made the term up, but she definitely was saying it back in the day.

I’m bringing it back tomorrow in 2014’s first edition of BYI. What would you fill a Jethro Bowl with this time of year? FOBYI Douglas is threatening to bring over chicken and dumplings this weekend, which it appears we’re going to need, so… how ’bout you?

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