Daylight on Our Side

I went into a Gourmet black hole when I ran across these in the basement over the weekend:


They’re from the early 1980s. Things that struck me: Our progress in food photography. Only about half of each magazine was printed in color (reminding me a little of the current New Yorker). Women still regularly signed themselves as “Mrs. So-and-So” in their letters. The little tiny ads for travel opportunities. SO MANY RECIPES FOR QUICHE.


The birds – mostly sparrows – living in the giant yew bushes in front of our house are legion. They are also RAVENOUS. The feeders are empty, just a few days after I topped them off out of concern they wouldn’t be able to find anything to eat after the (paltry) 6″ of snow we received last Saturday. If I don’t fill our feeders, they fly two doors down or to the house behind us to eat… and now that I think about it, it’s probably safer that way for the birds, as we have a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk hanging around who chases sparrows and juncoes into the giant yew bushes. It will also wait patiently for an hour on one of our single tree’s low branches – an hour – for a little bird to make a fatal mistake. I guess hunger does that to a bird.

I’m anxious as the vernal equinox and daylight savings time approach. I feel much the same about late warm weather as I do early cool weather – it’s robbing us of our time outside, planting seeds & tending to the resulting plants (with luck, anyway), eating fresh, seeing friends, playing games…the extra daylight is lovely, but it’s too cold (10° F as I type) to get much done except for the same stuff I’ve been getting done inside for the past 4 months: dinner, dishes, vacuum, laundry,  groceries, read/write/pass out on couch under extra blanket, etc. But then I realize this state of affairs might be the new normal:

Last week we saw several inches of snow, slush raining out of the sky, a really nice warm-up that helped melt the foot of snow on the ground, a tornado watch, and an inch of rain in 30 minutes on top of all the snow. Tonight’s low temperature: Two degrees. Barf.

That’s from a BYI entry from last year on February 25. We haven’t even had the weirdly warm day this year, though. WHERE IS OUR WEIRDLY WARM DAY?

The upshot: 909 needs a good spring cleaning – the kind where one throws open the windows even if it’s a little on the cool side and one aggressively cleans out closets and washes all the floors and launders all the things and eats a salad when one is done. I feel rather weighed down by possessions. I look around me and I see some things that make me happy, and many things that are just… habit. Hm. That sounds like how I feel about me – some things that are making me happy (family, love, friends, creative pursuits), but other things are just habit (lack of exercise, eating perhaps a little too much, etc). I really do feel like opening the windows will change everything.


 Tim and I and a couple of other awesome people are busy cranking out long-awaited BYI videos. Tour de Coop should be ready next week, and I’m already at work laying out the final two. I’ll be glad when the project is finished – it’s been fun, but it’s time to learn how to do a podcast and save the longer short videos for special occasions.

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