Two Thirds

We’re “most” of the way through a tolerable January – let’s high five! Here’s some actual January sky for you:

IMG_6735That little white dot in the middle – that’s a plane. I think you can see it better if you click the photo to make it big.

Nothing else to report – just that it’s January 21, the weather has been good, and I still have not yet ordered my seeds. It has to happen soon, and I cannot spend $100 on seeds and sweet potato slips. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.


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  1. $100 in seeds is not ridiculous if you’re going to reap $1000 of vegetables and immeasurable pleasure!

    You could also avail yourself of a seed library. There’s a seed swap evening at the Normal Public Library tomorrow evening if you want to get some free seeds! (Check out Bill Davison’s facebook page for details.)

    1. We used to do a seed swap years ago n- I’ll have to post about that sometime, because it was awesome. Thanks for the tip about the one in Normal! I can’t make it, but I’m glad people are getting out and talking to each other and swapping seeds.

      $100 wouldn’t be a lot, except that the last few years I’ve gotten so wrapped up in work and other projects that I haven’t prioritized the garden as much as in previous years. The key is to match reality with the fantasizing I do when the ground is frozen…

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