Wool Gathering

It’s finally here – the latest BYI video! My deepest thanks go to Cathe Capel, Harold Davis, Roxanne Sawhill and all the others for their time, Jack Brighton and Tim Meyers for their work on this video, Automatic Empire for the music, and our friends at Illinois Public MediaPBS, PBS Digital Studios, and PBS Food for their support. Now go watch it! I’d love to know what you think.

Not only that, there’s new audio available that happens to be completely unrelated to “Wool Gathering”. It’s an ode to urban wildlife that’s very influenced by Lyanda Lynn Haupt‘s Urban Bestiary and a field trip I took with Environmental Almanac‘s Rob Kanter. In a perfect world, they wouldn’t have been released at exactly the same time, but hey. Feast or famine. When it rains, it pours. That.

More soon.


2 Replies to “Wool Gathering”

  1. Lisa, Jack and Tim,
    I loved the sheep shearing video! It was very engaging, easy to follow, and entertaining as well as informative. The close-ups of the animals were particularly endearing, but the segments with the featured humans also gave one a good sense of the different motives that bring people together on this and other farms. Thanks for your excellent work!

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