Writing For 15 Minutes

I have 15 minutes to get a post written, media uploaded, etc. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


I have somehow managed to not kill our indoor plants. The key to successfully keeping succulents alive is to not water them all the damn time. As my friend Mathis says, those of us who are used to growing food plants outside tend to overwater succulents, because… well… HOW CAN THEY NOT NEED WATER EVERY DAY? I’ve watchfully ignored this plant and all of its friends and they seem to be thriving. Success. I guess the lessons here are that a) I should listen to the experts because I do not know everything and b) I do not need to helicopter parent my plants.

That said, I’m looking forward to getting back outside. Footage review from stuff we shot last summer has been tortuous – chickens, garden foliage, flowers in glorious HD – and the snow encrusting our driveway and every other outdoor surface seems very last season, all of a sudden.

LOTSA (Lisa’s Open Tabs Saved Aggressively):

The next internet is TV

Synonyms for “hope” (my favorite is “pipe dream”)

Something about media vertical collectives

Amanda Hesser’s Medium page

For those who hate themselves for loving Kinfolk: The Kinspiracy

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Reveal – great investigative reporting here

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Greil Marcus’ “Days Between Stations” archive… finally

4 Replies to “Writing For 15 Minutes”

  1. Ok, that Kinspiracy is too funny. Guilty as charged. Also, I told my authors this week that they should commit to writing for 15 minutes three times this week to see where they get. It’s a good prompt I think because most of us keep writing after we get over the initial hurdle.

    1. I own several issues of Kinfolk, and I thought FOR SURE I’d see Cody’s Instagram feed show up there. It might yet, though he’s moving in a different direction…

  2. LOTSA is my favorite. Please consider making the linkage open in new windows so I don’t get lost at the first one and potentially forget there are always more delicious breadcrumbs back at the cottage.

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